Encyclopedia Mythologica - Fairies and Magical Creatures - Reinh

Encyclopedia Mythologica - Fairies and Magical Creatures - Reinh
Grade 1–6—Through fanciful three-dimensional artwork and well-written narrative, Reinhart and Sabuda introduce the whimsical, mostly hidden world of fairies and their kin. Examples of fey folk from different countries and cultures cavort about the pages, including bumblebee-riding pillywiggins (England and Wales), the shy abatwa who sleep in anthills (South Africa), and the unruly kappa that have been known to kidnap toddlers (Japan). Elves and gnomes, a menagerie of enchanted creatures, nature spirits, and mythical dwellers of the deep are also covered. From a delightful rendering of Shakespeare's Titania (complete with fluttering wings), to a frontal view of a unicorn gracefully lifting its head, to a movement-filled image of Amphitrite and Poseidon in their aquatic chariot, the paper sculptures are elegant and enticing. Additional foldout booklets, also embellished with pop-ups, assist in presenting the well-researched text, which concisely conveys a great deal of information. Though its delicate design makes it difficult to circulate, this handsome volume could be used for display or to introduce or inspire further study of folklore, mythology, and literature.

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