Soul Mates (Dragon & Maiden) Collectible - Anne Stokes

Soul Mates (Dragon & Lady) Collectible - Anne Stokes

The dark romance and exquisite details of artist Anne Stokes's renowned fantasy artwork is brought to life in this collection of maiden dolls from award-winning doll artist Cindy McClure. Each doll in the collection is sculpted to be faithful to the original Anne Stokes art, then costumed and accessorized to make the fantasies seem so vividly real!

Each spellbinding fantasy doll in this collection is sculpted and then cast in collector-quality artist's resin, showing off Cindy McClure's incredible artistry and her ability to interpret the breathtaking Anne Stokes art that inspires each doll. Each maiden comes with her own sculpted dragon companion that is part of her romantic story. The breathtakingly original costuming includes sculpted elements such as removable masks, laced corsets, gauntlet gloves and fabulous footwear, while the lavish fabric gowns are accented with sequins, faux jewels and much more.

Doll measures 16" (40 cm.) tall.

This doll is not a toy. It is a fine collectible to be enjoyed by adult collectors.

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©The Ashton-Drake Galleries

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