Dragons, Gargoyles, Griffins

Dragons, Gargoyles, Griffins

Dragons are more than mythical beings in storybooks and movies.  They are guardians of the watchtowers and elements, guides, wise ancient beings who many people resonate and connect with on a spiritual level.  Dragons are protectors, teachers, keepers of ancient knowledge.  There is a reason our company is called "Dragon Moon".  It is because we recognize the spiritual significance of the dragon throughout history, in every culture around the world. 

We also offer a selection of Gargoyle and Griffin themed items in this section, as we don't carry a lot of them, but they need a home in our shop as well.  

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Black Dragon On Orb

Made from cold cast resin, this statue depicts a black dragon with a dark expression on its face. Th..

$11.80 US

Black Dragon Scale Tankard

The Black Dragon Scale Tankard is a wickedly fun way to enjoy your favorite drink. Made of cast resi..

$35.48 US

Blue Castle Dragon

This magical dragon reveals an enchanted gem that shields the entire kingdom with a protective spell..

$11.80 US

Blue Castle Dragon Snow Globe

A majestic blue dragon atop an equally majestic medieval castle. A beautifully made snow globe with ..

$31.53 US

Blue Dragon Geode Incense Burner

Whenever you have the desire to inhale the sweet smell of your favorite incense, do so using the Blu..

$15.75 US

Blue Dragon Incense Holder

Few things are able to enhance the atmosphere of a home better than a mystical dragon and the intoxi..

$16.54 US

Brinsop Green Dragon Statue

This beautiful green dragon in an elegant pose would be a beautiful addition to any dragon lover's c..

$22.06 US

Bubble Ball Dragon, Purple/Brass

A beautiful purple & brass tone dragon draped over a bubble glass ball.  The dragon is fine..

$33.11 US

Carousel Dragons

This decorative table top carousel is made of a cold cast resin and hand painted to look like dragon..

$82.83 US

Celtic Dragon Bookends

These ornate Dragon Bookends will add magick and style to your bookcase.  They measure 8 3/8" X..

$47.32 US

Celtic Purple Dragon Box -15%

Celtic Purple Dragon Box

Keep your favorite jewelry, stones and trinkets safe and secure inside this Purple Celtic Dragon Box..

$13.38 US $11.37 US

Celtic Unity Dragon Sand Timer

The Celtic Unity Dragon Sand Timer will assist in the monitoring of time while adding a touch of med..

$23.64 US

Crouched Dragon Pen Holder

There's no one more worthy of holding your favorite writing pens, pencils and other stationery than ..

$17.76 US

Crystal Protector Dragon - Blue

This adorable figurine depicts a Dragon with combinations of blue and purple tones in his scales.&nb..

$14.17 US

Crystal Protector Dragon - Red

This adorable figurine depicts a Dragon with combinations of fushia, red and orange in his scales - ..

$14.17 US

Deimos The Gargoyle

Such a wise looking fellow, but fiercely protective. His name is Deimos, and he will keep watch over..

$25.22 US

Double Dragon Chalice

This ornate chalice is crafted of cold-cast resin and painted to resemble a stone look.  It fea..

$20.48 US

Double Dragon Letter Opener Statue

This majestic piece of dragon art is also a functional item for your desk. The letter opener sword i..

$41.00 US

Dragon & Magic Sphere Incense Holder

Bring a touch of fantasy to any room or space with this magical dragon incense holder. The mighty an..

$20.48 US

Dragon Backflow Incense Burner, Purple

This Dragon Backflow Incense Burner features a friendly dragon who loves the smell of incense just a..

$41.79 US

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