Fairy Dragon Riders - Sunbeam & Ray

Fairy Dragon Riders - Sunbeam & Ray

The Hamilton Collection is pleased to exclusively present Legend of the Fairy Dragon Riders Collection, featuring Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s charming fairies perched upon magical, winged serpents. This highly sought-after artist brings her special style of artistic talent to this remarkable series that combines friendship and fantasy as only she can!

The sixth issue in the collection is "Sunbeam and Ray,” and is wonderfully handcrafted and painted by hand, from the pair’s alluring wide-eyed expressions—the artist’s trademark—to the fairy’s dragon wings... just like her treasured companion’s! Plus, sprinkles of glitter on the fairy’s pretty dress and silvery accents add magic.

Each issue in the series features a darling dragon-winged fairy frolicking with her devoted dragon companion. What’s more, every edition is infused with a powerful element of nature, from fire in “Flicker and Singe,” to clouds and lightening, snowflakes and ice, and more.

Measures 7" (17.5 cm.) high.

©HC. All Rights Reserved.

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

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