Enchantica: Elemental - Fire

Enchantica: Elemental - Fire

Upon orbs of great power they reigned.  Four mighty dragons of the elements, whose very souls harnessed and commanded the very elements from which they were born.

 Terra'Kral" the Keeper of Earth, upon whose throne of power viewed all that was green and natural from the seed to the mightiest trees, all was seen and nurtured.

 Feuerdrak" the Harnesser of Flame, would bask within columns of hot fire and fly upon its wondrous yet deadly form.

 Talshnagran" Dragon of Air, would soar upon cool winds to heights beyond and seemingly dance upon endotherms for an eternity.

 Morgrannh" the Guardian of Water, keeper of the eternal waters of life, who's domain lay from the smallest of streams to the mighty oceans.

 From the dawn of time, these magical, powerful beasts have guarded and harvested their magical powers and upon their thrones will share and guard their precious gift...

Height - 22 cm

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