Dragons of Mystic Realms, Set #3

Dragons of Mystic Realms, Set #3

Set Three in the Dragons of the Mystic Realm collection, takes shape with these hand-sculpted, three-dimensional dragons captured in dramatic flight. Each firecely handsome dragon is hand-painted in bold fantasy colours to accentuate its flared wings and scaly, serpentine tail. These wings are a dramatic showcase for artist Nene Thomas’s inspired fantasy artwork depicting three very different, tantalizing fairies.

Nene Thomas’s gorgeous, magical fairies, graced with wind-tossed tresses, ephemeral costumes, magical wings and more bring unique power and personality to each colour-coordinated dragon. Each fairy is her dragon’s companion and protector. Each dragon’s treasure—mystical acrylic jewels, crystals and sparkling glitter—adds to the allure of these legendary characters for the perfect finishing touch.

Ornaments measure about 3-3¼ inches high (7.6-8.3 cm).
Silvery hanging cords included.

©Nene Thomas Art
©The Bradford Exchange

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