Dragon Head Incense Holder

Dragon Head Incense Holder

Exquisitely crafted of cold-cast resin, this incense holder is sculpted with such attention to detail that you'll almost believe a dragon is emerging from whatever surface you set it on. With non-slip padding lining its base, it has been created to represent a dragon's head, staring upwards with intense eyes and a closed, toothy maw that displays every tooth and scale.

The nosecap actually lifts away from the bulk of the burner, revealing the hollowed out, internal cavity within and a small hole in the cap that allows you to place your stick incense. Secure the stick incense in place, light it , and then carefully replace the cap… and the fragrant smoke of your choice will escape through the carefully placed holes, making it appear as though this Draconic creature is breathing smoke!

The entire piece measures approximately 12" tall, and approximately 5 3/4" wide at its widest point.

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