Dragon Statuary & Decor

Dragon Statuary & Decor

Dragons are more than mythical beings in storybooks and movies.  They are guardians of the watchtowers and elements, guides, wise ancient beings who many people resonate and connect with on a spiritual level.  Dragons are protectors, teachers, keepers of ancient knowledge.  There is a reason our company is called "Dragon Moon".  It is because we recognize the spiritual significance of the dragon throughout history, in every culture around the world. 

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Dragon figurine, Pewter

A sitting dragon figurine holding a small stone. Stone color is randomly chosen.  Figurines mea..


Dragons of Mystic Realms, Set #2

Set Two in the Dragons of the Mystic Realm collection, takes shape with these hand-sculpted, thre..


Dragons of Mystic Realms, Set #3

Set Three in the Dragons of the Mystic Realm collection, takes shape with these hand-sculpted, th..


Enchantica: Sentry of Anconeus

Anconeus, a fortress of formidableproportions, sits within the mountains bordering ‘The Great Forest..


Gargoyle Dragon Drain Spout

Gargoyles are some of the most distinctive features of gothic architecture.This statue shows off th..


Green Dragon Incense Burner -20%

Green Dragon Incense Burner

Enjoy your favorite incense with a dragon!  This fantasy incense burner depicts a roaring dra..

$16.15US $12.92US

Soul Mates (Dragon & Maiden) Collectible - Anne Stokes

The dark romance and exquisite details of artist Anne Stokes's renowned fantasy artwork is brought ..


Tempest, The Overseer

Charged with the dragon's powerful spirit, "Tempest, the Overseer" is a dazzling work of art certain..


Water Dragon - Amy Brown

A 5" hanging figurine based on the fantasy art of Amy Brown an her popular Mystical Collection line..


Aqua Jewel Dragon

This beautiful resin dragon has been hand painted with much detail with vibrant jewel-tone colors.&n..


Armored Castle Dragon

This very majestic and regal dragon will guard your home and sacred space.  Crafted in cold-cas..


Baby Hatching Dragons Set

These cute tiny hatching baby dragons come in a set of 4 assorted. Each has its own hatching stage a..


Baby Jewel Dragon Set

Set contains 4 cute baby dragons finished in assorted metallic colors: purple, blue, green and coppe..


Backflow Incense Burner: Mystical Dragon -20%

Backflow Incense Burner: Mystical Dragon

This mystical dragon incense holder is very special.  He is made of high quality ceramic with a..

$51.97US $41.58US

Black Dragon On Orb

Made from cold cast resin, this statue depicts a black dragon with a dark expression on its face. Th..


Bubble Ball Dragon, Purple/Brass

A beautiful purple & brass tone dragon draped over a bubble glass ball.  The dragon is fine..


Carousel Dragons

This decorative table top carousel is made of a cold cast resin and hand painted to look like dragon..


Celtic Dragons Mug

Dragons remain notable for their size and reptilian appearance, often appearing with fierce majesty...


Crystal Protector Dragon - Blue

This adorable figurine depicts a Dragon with combinations of blue and purple tones in his scales.&nb..


Crystal Protector Dragon - Red

This adorable figurine depicts a Dragon with combinations of fushia, red and orange in his scales - ..