VibesUp - Heaven & Earth Crystal Pendant

VibesUp - Heaven & Earth Crystal Pendant

It's all in the coating!  
Infused with Rose, & Sage Oils. When we bring together both universal energy & Grounding energy we are most connected and at our best. Sage Oil makes this crystal self cleansing; it's okay to let others touch.

Quartz is a major component of what our Earth is made of, and it's an all-purpose healing crystal.  Combined with the amazing VibesUp coating of oils and plant essences, this pendant will raise your vibes to a much higher level. 

This Quartz crystal is rough, in it's natural form.  It has a coating that is a bit bumpy and rough in places, but does not change the overall appearance of the crystal.  Please expect that each piece will be unique in it's own way, as Mother Nature makes no mistakes. 

Comes on an 18" black cord, you may wish to change the chain.  We also sell chains in our jewelry section.


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