Quartz With Chlorite, Tumbled

Quartz With Chlorite, Tumbled

This unique specimen is formed with speckled, almost moss like and needle like inclusions of chlorite. This combination makes this stone a wonder to stare into. Creating microscopic realms that seem to encapsulate the wonder of nature within them.

Chlorite reverberates cleanliness, balance and health. The color itself is the primary color of our natural world. When we take a nature walk our mind seems clearer, we naturally slow down into the present moment, our breath deepens and our mood tends to stabilize. The color green represents nitrogen, an important element in the air we breath. It is a cool, fresh color that vibrates health, growth and new life. It is the color of universal attraction that invites a sense of equilibrium and normality where there is chaotic growth and instability.

Sold in singles. 2 - 2.5cm. 

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