Prasiolite, Tumbled

Prasiolite, Tumbled

Prasiolite (also called Vermarine, Green Amethyst or Greened Amethyst) helps to energetically link the physical aspects of the Human self with the spiritual aspects of Higher Self.  It activates the healing vibrations of the heart as the center of consciousness and connection with the Divine.  Prasiolite brings the higher vibration energy of Divine though the heart and into the physical.   Prasiolite helps to ease discomfort for those who find it difficult to express emotion.  It is a reminder that all are part and parcel of the Divine, unconditional loving Source.  Those who have issues of self worth or lack self-confidence will find working with Prasiolite helps to foster a deep appreciation and acceptance of self.

Fun Fact: Prasiolite is a common name given to any quartz cluster or crystal that is specifically leek green in color. In fact, the word "Prasiolite" derives from the Greek word, "Prason", meaning “leek”.

Sold in singles. Each piece measures approximately 20 - 23 mm.

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