Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Stones

We are happy to offer a wide selection of ethically sourced tumbled gems.  Tumbled gems are wonderful little powerhouses of energy you can carry with you anytime.  They are fun to collect too!  We're always sourcing out new and exciting types of tumbled stones, so check back often for new additions.  Gems in the Dragon Moon stock room are frequently cleansed with sage prior to your purchase.  We select crystals for you with the utmost care, and only ship out the best of the bunch.   If you have any questions about crystal healing, please email Tara.  She will be more than happy to help. 

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Orchid Calcite, Tumbled

Orchid calcite is a combination of two powerhouse crystals: Orange Calcite and Black Tourmaline. Bla..

$1.46 US

Orthoclase Opal, Tumbled

Orthoclase Opal is a positive energy stone that may assist you with, clutter (mental and physical)..

$2.09 US

Palm Root Fossil Stone, Tumbled

Fossil stones are wonderful supportive stones for increasing vitality. May help with reducing toxins..

$2.09 US

Peach Quartz, Tumbled, Pack of 2

Tumbled Peach Quartz from Brazil - These are beautiful Peach Quartz tumbled stones from Brazil. The ..

$1.25 US

Petersite, Tumbled (Dozen)

Petersite known as the "Tempest Stone" for its essence of a windy storm within its brilliant natural..

$2.47 US

Phantom Quartz, Tumbled (Tiny) Pack Of 3

Phantom Quartz is an energy clearer that forms over pre-existing crystals, magically holding the wis..

$1.04 US

Picasso Jasper, Tumbled

Picasso Jasper is a lovely stone that has deep earth connections, making it a great tool in your m..

$2.93 US

Picasso Net Jasper, Tumbled

Picasso Jasper, also called "Net Jasper", this aptly named stone that looks much like an abstract pa..

$1.63 US

Picture Jasper, Tumbled

Picture jaspers (also known as nguni jasper) exhibit combinations of patterns, such as banding from ..

$1.04 US

Pink Jasper, Tumbled

Pink Jasper is the "stone of empowerment" and resonates with the Heart chakra. Helps align your bo..

$2.93 US

Pink Tourmaline & Quartz, Partially Tumbled (Pack Of 2)

These partially tumbled pieces of Pink Tourmaline in Quartz are mesmerizing, This is a pack of two. ..

$1.25 US

Pink Zebra Jasper, Tumbled

Pink  Jasper Zebra carries a strong connection to the Earth's energy, making it a beneficial ..

$1.25 US

Rainbow Obsidian, Tumbled

Rainbow Obsidian at first glance these look black but when exposure to bright light will show its ..

$2.93 US

Rainbow Onyx, Tumbled

Rainbow Onyx is a form of Agate and forms mostly in cavities of eruptive rock or lava. The banded st..

$1.04 US

Red Agate Tumbled Specimens

Beautiful Red Agate specimens, each so unique with beautiful bands throughout.  We have three s..

$6.65 US

Red Calcite, Tumbled

Calcite is also known as the "stone of the mind”. Calcite heightens mental discernment and analysi..

$2.47 US

Red Hematoid Quartz, Semi-Tumbled

This opaque variety of ferrungous quartz known as red hematoid quartz or strawberry quartz contain..

$3.30 US

Red Malachite, Tumbled

Also known as red banded jasper.  Red is the color of energy, courage and passion. When blend..

$1.25 US

Red Selenite, Tumbled

Selenite is named after the Greek word for moon, contrary to popular belief, it contains no signific..

$2.09 US

Red Snowflake Obsidian, Tumbled

Snowflake Obsidian forms in areas of past or present volcanic activity along the tectonic plate boun..

$3.76 US

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