Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Stones

We are happy to offer a wide selection of ethically sourced tumbled gems.  Tumbled gems are wonderful little powerhouses of energy you can carry with you anytime.  They are fun to collect too!  We're always sourcing out new and exciting types of tumbled stones, so check back often for new additions.  Gems in the Dragon Moon stock room are frequently cleansed with sage prior to your purchase.  We select crystals for you with the utmost care, and only ship out the best of the bunch.   If you have any questions about crystal healing, please email Tara.  She will be more than happy to help. 

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Bi-Colored Carnelian, Tumbled

Orange and White Carnelian holds the same properties as pure orange or red Carnelian, with an added ..


Bloodstone Chip Stones, 2oz

These sweet little chip stones are versatile in your crafts, healing grids and other instances where..


Botswana Agate, Apricot

Botswana Agate supports focus, concentration, creative self-expression.  It is a gentle stone o..


Bronzite, Tumbled

Tumbled Bronzite (Brazil) - This is nice Tumbled Bronzite from Brazil. Bronzite is known as the "Sto..


Brown Zebra Jasper, Tumbled

Jasper of all types has been called the ‘Nurturing stone’ because it offers such calm and soothing..


Chalcedony, Tumbled

Chalcedony is believed to absorb negative energies and promote harmonious emotions. Also believed to..


Chert Stone, Tumbled (Black & White)

Chert is a hard, dark, opaque rock composed of silica (chalcedony) with an amorphous or microscopica..


Chert Stone, Tumbled (Green)

Chert is a hard, dark, opaque rock composed of silica (chalcedony) with an amorphous or microscopica..


Dalmatian Stone, Multi-Color, Tumbled

The Dalmatian Stone appeals to the child within us all, fortifying the spirit and encouraging a sens..


Desert Sunset Jasper, Tumbled

Desert Sunset Jasper is believed to bring good fortune and helps ground one's own thoughts and energ..


Dragon Stone, Tumbled

This green and red jasper is from South Africa. It is often confused with Dragons Blood Jasper, bloo..


Epidote, Tumbled

Epidote, is believed to have energies to aid you to have courage, to let go of what is holding you b..


Golden Quartz, Tumbled

Beautiful pieces of tumbled Golden Quartz from India.  Golden Quartz: Happiness, joy, mood boos..


Green Chalcedony, Tumbled

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths of quartz and m..


Green Leopardskin Jasper, Tumbled

Green Leopard Jasper is believed to be associated with vitality and strength, as well as attracting ..


Kambaba Jasper, Tumbled

Kambaba Jasper is a stone of Peace and Tranquility, imbued with the nourishing green energy of Natur..


Kyanite (Blue), Tumbled

As a healing stone, it is believed to enhance both creative expression and aid in the development of..


Magnetic Hematite (2 pack)

Magnetic hematite can soothe and temporarily heal the effects of toxic heavy metals in our blood str..


Opalised Citrine, Tumbled

Natural and untreated citrine is becoming harder and harder to find.  These tumbled pieces are ..


Orange Calcite, Tumbled

Calcite is composed of the same material as limestone: calcium carbonate. This transparent crystal c..


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