Opalised Citrine, Tumbled

Opalised Citrine, Tumbled

Natural and untreated citrine is becoming harder and harder to find.  These tumbled pieces are opalized, which means that when the stone formed, there was a higher concentration of water mixed in with the mineral.

If you need abundance in your life, especially of the financial kind, this is a great gem for that.

Business owners: Add a piece to your cash register or cash drawer.  If you have an online business, keep a piece on your desk where you process your orders. 

Citrine draws money like a magnet. If you’re trying to start a business, place a piece by your computer or sit it next to your desk. Sleep with it for dream meditations about ways to grow a business or develop a project. Citrine is a powerful solar plexus stone, so it can also be used to help you find your power and use your abilities to unlock your soul potential.

Each piece measures approximately 3/4".  

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