Charoite Stone, Tumbled

Charoite Stone, Tumbled

The Stone of Spiritual Love and Psychic Protection


The Soul Stone, Charoite is a late-comer to the marketplace, having been known only since the mid 1970's.  Found mostly in Russia. The stone of spiritual love and psychic protection. Provides synthesis between heart and crown chakras. Fills chakras with loving spiritual emotion of purity, allowing one to see with love.  Helps us to be more tolerant and accepting of others.  A gorgeous shade combination of purple, white and swirls of lavender. 

Each piece is totally unique. Some have areas within the stone that are translucent, and some are totally solid with black spots and shimmering silver-tone fibres running throughout. They measure approximately 20mm - 22mm. Please allow for variations between pieces. Sold in single pieces.

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