Botswana Agate, Tumbled

Botswana Agate, Tumbled

Botswana Agate: Soft taupe, gray and pink hues swirled with creamy white offer gentle earthen comfort. Work with Botswana Agate to detoxify, release resistance, and foster gentle strength. Botswana Agate supports focus, concentration, creative self-expression.  It is a gentle stone of transformation and manifestation.  It will support you with it's warm, comforting energy, encouraging you to look for solutions, rather than dwelling on a problem.  Create, manifest, and be yourself.  That's the message from African Botswana Agate.  

Agates of all kind are protection stones. The bands and lines that seem to change direction, yet all connect - represent the struggles and changes in life we're often faced with. The strength of the stone can lend a sense of grounding in these tough times. Agates also have a nurturing energy that can help support us when we're struggling.

Approx. 3/4" each.  We will select a beautiful piece just for you, with our blessings.

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