Amethyst, Chevron, Tumbled

Amethyst, Chevron, Tumbled
Top grade banded or chevron amethyst which is special because it's a combination of amethyst, quartz and smokey quartz.  The bands reveal the different layers of stones and in this one piece you get the peaceful properties of amethyst, the magnifying properties of white quartz, the protective and clearing properties of smokey quartz.

Amethyst is often used for dream recall, and peaceful sleep.  It also dispels nightmares and helps with insomnia, aides in magick and divination work. Used in healing circles for addiction recovery and helps when having a hard time letting go of anger, past emotional trauma, and helps you move forward.  

Each piece measures approximately 3/4".  Thank you for trusting us to select a beautiful piece just for you.

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