Quartz Crystal Standing Point

Quartz Crystal Standing Point

A beautiful focal point for your crystal displays and healing grids. These Quartz Crystal standing points can help with intention setting, energy clearing, and create a beautiful atmosphere in your home. They add something special to any decor. These points all have unique "flaws" from Mother Nature that make them so very special and truly one of a kind.

Clear quartz is a powerful amplifier of energies of other stones or enhancing a group of stones. Thus, it is ideal to use for gridding and makes the perfect base material for staffs, wands, templates, and more. Clear Quartz spheres have also been long used for crystal gazing. Quartz crystals can also create a powerful force field of healing positive ions while clearing the surroundings of negative ions to protect your auric fields. It can also dispel static electricity while cancelling out the harmful effects of radioactivity and radiation. Furthermore, this crystal can bring clarity and strength to your intellect, aiding in memory retention and concentration while filtering out distractions. Its hypnotic quality makes it suitable for conducive sleeping while helping you understand the lessons and messages conveyed during the dream state.

Medium: 4.5" tall x 3/4" wide

Large: 5" tall x 1" wide                            

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