Septarian Sphere

Septarian Sphere

Septarians are a type of carbonate-rich concretion containing angular cavities which formed inside of a harder exterior. They commonly contain calcite which may be yellowish to dark brown. The name originates from saeptum, which means a small enclosure.

Septarians are used for protection, providing both grounding and shielding. They believed to promote calming and nurturing on the emotional level.

Spheres elegantly share the beautiful qualities of the semi-precious stones and crystals they are made from. These orbs are a wonderful addition to mineral collections and they add a dramatic flair when red as as decorative accents. Many people use them for artistic inspiration or personal spiritual practices. They are easy to hold and work with during meditation.

These spheres measure approximately 45 - 50 mm. Stands are sold separately. Please note that Septarian varies from piece to piece as far as pattern and colouring within the stone. Please allow for variations. Every sphere is beautiful and we'll choose one for you.

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