Scolecite Sphere A ~ Peace & Tranquility

Scolecite Sphere A ~ Peace & Tranquility

Scolecite gently awakens the higher mind, helping one to gain a deeper understanding of one’s soul journey.  It enhances the dream state and assists with dream recall. This high vibration crystal facilitates inner peace and tranquility. A beautiful crystal to place under your pillow, or in the case of a sphere - beside the bed, will support relaxation and help you sleep. Scolecite is also wonderful for aiding communication with the spirit realm.

This unique sphere has markings that almost resemble grains of rice. This crystal features a bit of chatoyancy within the crystalline layers, which means it has a bit of a shift in color similar to moonstone.

This is the exact sphere you'll receive. It measures 60 mm. Stands sold separately.

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