Rhyolite Sphere ~ Manifestation, Grounding, Hope

Rhyolite Sphere ~ Manifestation, Grounding, Hope

Rainforest jasper is a wish granting stone.  It helps with manifestation, especially if what you're trying to manifest is physical wellness and abundance. Its healing, invigorating energy gives hope for the future, renewing you energetically and physically. Rainforest jasper, as its name implies, is connected to the Earth, introducing you to the lessons and great wisdom of nature. This gemstone brings you into harmony with the natural world, aligning you to its balance. It helps you understand just how precious life is, how much there is to enjoy in the patterns of the world around you.

These gorgeous spheres measure 50mm (1.5"). 

Thank you for trusting us to select one just for you.

Stands are sold separately.

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