Black Moonstone Sphere

Black Moonstone Sphere

Black Moonstone palm stones (pocket stones, touch stones, worry stones) fit nicely into the palm of the hand. These tactile stones are beautiful to display and admire but are small enough to place under a pillow or tuck into a bag or pocket. They can be chosen to hold during meditation or to place on a body part for healing and massage.

Black moonstone is from the feldspar family of minerals. It is black with glimpses of white. Tiny albite crystals within the stone provide a shimmering glow known as adularescence.

In healing circles, black moonstone is known for its feminine energies. It is said to enhance intuition and inner knowing. It is a wonderful stone when doing shadow work.

These spheres are all slightly different sizes, and we'll select a beautiful sphere for you in the size you choose.

Size A: 17 cm in diameter

Size B: 18 cm in diameter

Size C: 18.5 cm in diameter

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