Angelite Gem Sphere ~ Angelic Guides, Communication, Tranquility

Angelite Gem Sphere ~ Angelic Guides, Communication, Tranquility

Angelite acts as a touchstone to angelic guides and channels clear communication. It also helps you speak freely and from a place of tranquility. Are you having difficulty speaking from a place of understanding and peace? Use Angelite to raise tranquil energy, promote unconditional love, and bring peace during difficult times. If you need a calming energy that soothes, this is the gemstone. It activates the Third Eye and throat chakras, enabling the user to receive and give calm communication, compassion, and intuitive thought. Used as a meditation guide and for dream work, it can help with awareness and tapping into higher dimensions.

These spheres are amazing quality, and are a limited offering.  All or our gems are vetted for quality.  We only ship out the best, shop with confidence. Thank you for trusting us to select a beautiful piece for you.

Sphere sizes:

Medium: 50mm - 55mm
Large: 60mm - 65mm

Stands sold separately. 

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