White Aragonite Cluster C ~ For Self-Confidence

White Aragonite Cluster C ~ For Self-Confidence

This calcium carbonate mineral, related to calcite, forms in marine environments through physical and biological processes. It is colourless to white or grey, often stained various hues by impurities.

It is used for soothing, energizing and boosting self-confidence. It is also used to assist with absorbing negative energy and for grounding.

This is the exact specimen you'll receive. It measures 9 cm x 6 cm x 4 cm

NOTE: These clusters are fibrous! They are BRITTLE. Some settling occurs in shipping, this is unavoidable. You may have small bits in the package with your specimen. These should be handled with care, not played with by small children, kept out of the reach of pets. They WILL crumble if not handled gently. This is the nature of this mineral.

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