Trolleite Quartz Specimen

Trolleite Quartz Specimen

Thin slices of Trolleite Quartz slabs are polished to create a smooth surface and to reveal the beauty of the stone.

Trolleite is a fairly rare phosphate mineral that contains quartz, lazulite and scorzalite, the later often resulting in a very blue colour. This unusually hard mineral with a greasy lustre is usually found in large masses. It was first discovered in Sweden in 1868 but has since been found in other locations, including Brazil and USA.

In healing terms, this crystal is said to bring cellular memories into conscious understanding by propelling the user back in time, before human existence, then into future possibilities. It is also good for clearing and releasing. This is an excellent crystal for divination and meditation.

Please choose your size and price point. We'll select a beautiful specimen for you.

Small: 3.5 cm to 4 cm

Medium: 4.5 cm to 5 cm

Large: 5.5 cm to 6 cm

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