Smokey Quartz Standing Point ~ To Uplift Mood - B

Smokey Quartz Standing Point ~ To Uplift Mood - B

Smokey Quartz is a member of the largest family of crystals, the silica group and is composed of silicon dioxide aluminum based, irradiation induced color centres. It is smoky grey/brown to black.

As a healing crystal, it is an excellent stone for removing negativity and is very protective and grounding. It brings physical and psychic protection. It can help one reach personal and business goals. Emotionally, it is excellent for elevating moods and overcoming negative emotions.

Cut base, top polished: means that the mineral is in its natural shape and only the point has been polished.

Crystal point generators are often used to direct energies through the apex of a point.

This is the exact specimen you'll receive. It's gorgeous and contains small rainbows when held in the light just so. It measures 7 cm tall x 5.5 cm x 3 cm.

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