Purple Labradorite Polished Free Form, A

Purple Labradorite Polished Free Form, A

This polished Labradorite specimen is stunning. It has the elusive, hard to find PURPLE flash that is highly sought after. This decorative standing piece makes a beautiful focal piece for your crystal displays and home decor. The flash is primarily on the display side, but areas of flash can be found on all sides of the piece when held at various angles in the light.

This is GRADE A quality Labradorite which is not commonly found unless set into jewellery. We guarantee you'll be amazed with this piece once it arrives, and we'd love to hear your thoughts once you have it in your hands.

This piece measures approximately 4" tall x 3 1/4" wide x 2 thick. It's quite substantial and has a good weight to it. This is the exact specimen you'll receive. The photos never fully capture the true beauty of this gorgeous treasure!

We've tried to take pictures from various angles to really convey how beautiful the purple flash in the stone is. The colour of purple seems to change depending on the angle and lighting, which is fascinating! It ranges from a violet purple to a more pinkish purple.

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