Peach Scolecite Specimen

Peach Scolecite Specimen

Scolecite is a mineral belonging to the zeolite group. It is a hydrated calcium silicate, that forms in thin vertical striated prismatic crystals. Colours of this mineral include colorless, white, pink, salmon, red and green depending on the amount of trace minerals present.

Peach Scolecite (Peach stilbite with Scolecite) is an uplifting stone that promotes joy, emotional healing and invites clarity of your inner guidance and wisdom. It also boosts creativity and manifestation abilities. As a healing stone, it promotes inner peace, deep relaxation and is an excellent aid to meditation. It enhances the heart chakra energies.

Sold in singles. Each specimen will be unique.

Approximate sizing:

Small: 28 mm

Medium: 33 mm

Large: 35+ mm

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