Palm Stone Set

Palm Stone Set

This beautiful collection of 5 palm stones include Red Jasper, Brown Jasper, Creamy Quartz, Blue Quartz and Pink Agate. These large tumbled stones measure approximately 1.5" to 2" and are palm stone size. They are so nice to hold and would make a lovely addition to your collections.

Red Jasper: A stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional domination by others, and the courage to overcome stressful times in life. This stone is associated with our ROOT CHAKRA, and helps us feel more grounded and centered in our lives.

Brown Jasper: Hold a Brown Jasper close to dissipate negative thoughts and foster centered meditation.

Creamy Quartz: This soothing stone attracts loving kindness, compassion, understanding, and support.

Blue Quartz: Alleviates fear and enhances creativity and expression. It has the effect of balancing the throat chakra, it can assist in communication.

Pink Agate: Helps with the acceptance of oneself and to see the truth.

Sold as a set. This is a one of a kind collection.

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