Orange Calcite Specimen, Large & Chunky

Orange Calcite Specimen, Large & Chunky

These gorgeous Orange Calcite reminds us of bright sunshine days and a big glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. You can't help but feel good when you hold and gaze upon these amazing, juicy looking specimens. They are each unique in their own way. Calcite has a glossy, glassy polished look that is completely natural. That is how it forms in nature. These pieces were taken directly from a mine in Brazil, and they are unaltered or colour enhanced. They really are this beautiful.

Orange Calcite is an incredibly energizing and cleansing stone, particularly for the lower chakras, or energy centers, concerned with our feelings of belonging in the world, being connected to others and the planet, and our creativity.

It is an excellent stone to choose to balance the emotions and release feelings of fear and anxiety.

These specimens measure approximately 4" to 4.5" x 3" - 3.5". We will choose one for you with much love.

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