Mosasaur Jaw Fossil Specimen

Mosasaur Jaw Fossil Specimen

The fossil is a composite of genuine mosasaur teeth and bone found in Morocco which has been reset into a stable matrix.

Mosasaurs, which were large marine reptiles, went extinct 65 million years ago. Similar in likeness to modern-day monitor lizards, they probably evolved from semi-aquatic squamates, known as aigialosaurs. These air breathing creatures were powerful swimmers that were so well adapted to their warm environment that they produced live young, rather than eggs. Mosasaurs were the largest lizards that ever evolved with lengths of almost 60 feet with skulls of 6 feet long. The teeth in these lizards were deeply lodged into their jaw bone, it is believed that the force of their bite was equal to that of a tyrannosaurus rex!

Own a piece of natural history with one of these amazing specimens.  Approx. 7" - 8". 

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