Mookaite Generator Point

Mookaite Generator Point

Crystal generator points are often used to direct energies through the apex of a point. These generators make wonderful center focal points for your crystal healing grids and displays. This variety has a cut base. The term cut base means that the point is in its natural shape and only the point has been polished rather than being shaped mechanically. 

Mookite, also known as Mookaite or Radiolarite is a red and yellow jasper that is often combined with purple, burgundy and cream colours. This fairly hard and fine-grained sedimentary rock is primarily made up of the skeletal remains of Radiolarians, a group of marine species that makes up a large portion of the ocean floor due to their rapid species turnover.

As a healing mineral it has strong grounding properties that help with self-esteem, fear and depression. It is good to use in negative situations, as it provides a shield over the user while working to neutralize the environment. It also helps one to be more social, encouraging new perceptions and improving communication.

These pieces are all generally similar, but unique in their own way. Please allow us to choose a piece just for you, with much love. These pieces measure approximately 5 to 9 cm. Some are slightly taller, some are slightly wider. All are stunning.

Please note: Mookaite can sometimes be mostly brown / mustard beige, with some flecks and spots of burgundy. Sometimes the pieces have more spots of burgundy. Please allow for variations.

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