Green Amethyst Specimen

Green Amethyst Specimen

Double terminated Green Amethyst crystal points from Brazil.

Jewellery points can be used to make custom jewellery pieces or for personal crystal work. These crystals have been chosen for their beautiful clarity and gemstone quality

Green Amethyst is produced when heat is applied to amethyst containing iron compounds with specific properties. Most Amethyst turns yellow, orange or brown when heated, but this type turns green instead. Since Amethyst by definition is a purple form of quartz, green amethyst is sometimes called green quartz and could also be referred to as Prasiolite. The common practice of heat-treating stone does not compromise the value of the resulting coloured natural gemstone.

The healing properties of this gemstone are said to be amplification of energies (positive or negative) and inspiration to be original and unique.

Sol as a single piece. This crystal is not drilled. It would make a lovely crystal wrapped pendant for those who are crafty.

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