Citrine Cluster Specimen H

Citrine Cluster Specimen H

Citrine is a stone of self-esteem and confidence. A bright and colourful, cheerful stone, reminds us what is important in life and restores a youthful outlook. Is said to inspire weight loss and the desire to be outdoors. A stone of success and prosperity.

NOTE: This type of Citrine is actually heated Amethyst. By heating the Amethyst, the crystal turns various shades of yellow. This is a more affordable and attainable Citrine for all. Many people consider this a "fake" mineral. At Dragon Moon, we celebrate this mineral! It's colourful, cheerful, bright, happy and promotes a positive outlook on life. Colour therapy is a powerful thing, too. Yellow resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra, the very center of our creative and expressive selves.

This cluster specimen measures approximately 9 cm x 3.5 cm

*Due to the raw, rough nature of this specimen, crumbling during handling may occur. Small pieces may fall off the edges. This is natural.

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