Golden Chalcopyrite Specimen

Golden Chalcopyrite Specimen

These beautiful pieces of smoothed golden coloured copper iron sulphide is found in Peru. When oxidized with acid, chalcopyrite changes colour to irridescent blues and reds. Those who enjoy meditation commonly seek out this stone to connect with higher spiritual realms. It has a positive vibration and is also used as a healing stone for the physical body.

Golden Chalcopyrite is a powerful stone that activates and aligns all chakras. It's a powerful tool that has been used to remove blockages of chakras by shamans and reiki professionals. This stone offers up transformative energies that assist in changing of habits, routines and lifestyles.

This mineral is becoming increasingly hard to come by. We've sourced some beautiful, high quality polished specimens. Sold in singles.

Small: 18 - 20 mm

Medium: 21 - 23 mm

Large: 24 - 26 mm

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