Celestite Cluster Specimen

Celestite Cluster Specimen

Celestite is a very high vibrational stone that's energy can be felt with just a touch. This mineral works towards activating your third eye and crown chakra while creating a clear channel between the two.

Found in Madagascar, Celestite it is composed of strontium sulfate. The sky blue or celestial colour of this crystal makes it very popular among collectors.  As a healing stone, Celestite is great for promoting communication skills and clarity of mind. It is also excellent for use in dream recall and astral travel.

We receive Celestite clusters on a regular basis, and we've tried our best to capture their uniqueness in the photos. We'll choose a cluster just for you when you order. They're all equally beautiful. All are stunning. They measure approximately 3" to 3.5" x 4.5" to 5". They all vary quite a bit in shape as shown. Some have larger crystal points, some have smaller, and some have a mix of the two.

**Your cluster will be totally unique, just for you! Please allow for variations**

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