Black Tourmaline Point Specimen

Black Tourmaline Point Specimen

Polished black tourmaline with reddish/brown iron points from Brazil. They are six sided, naturally shaped, and lightly hand polished. Crystal points are often used to direct energies through the apex of a point.

Tourmaline is the most multicoloured mineral type known, occurring in virtually every colour of the spectrum. It has many interesting optical properties. When viewed through their vertical axis, some specimens appear darker or differ in colour than when seen through their horizontal axis. Certain Tourmalines exhibit a cat's eye effect when polished. This mineral is also piezoelectric which means that through mechanical action an electric pulse is formed, similar to quartz.

Tourmaline is sought after as a talisman of protection to deflect and counteract negative energies. It is also used to guard against radiation and environmental pollutants.

We will select a point for you. They are all very similar with small unique differences. They each measure approximately 5 to 7 cm tall.

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