Astrophyllite Crystal Specimen, Small

Astrophyllite Crystal Specimen, Small

A rare, hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate. This soft and fragile mineral tends to form bladed formations that often radiate from a central point like a star. The name is from the Greek astron meaning "star" and phyllon for "leaf". Found in cavities and fissures in unusual felsic igneous rocks, astrophyllite is associated with feldspar, mica, titanite, zircon, nepheline and aegirine. Common impurities include magnesium, aluminium, calcium, zirconium, niobium and tantalum.

In metaphysical terms, astrophyllite allows for the recognition of self- esteem and limitless possibility, as we are all "stars". It also supports change: as one door closes another opens.

The photos do not do these specimens justice, as this mineral has a beautiful shine with blades of metallic copper colored pieces throughout. They are very intriguing!

Note: This mineral is prone to shedding small bits when handling. Handle with care. This mineral doesn't do well when left in water, we recommend keeping it dry. Always wash your hands after handling fibrous crystal and minerals.

These are 100% natural, please expect natural "flaws". 

These small specimens measure approximately 3 cm to 4 cm

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