Charoite Palm Stone

Charoite Palm Stone

Charoite is becoming more and more rare as people are discovering it's amazing properties.  Our price reflects the current market value for this stone.  

Charoite is a rare silicate mineral, first described in 1978 and named for the Chara River.  Genuine Charoite is mined only from the akha Republic, Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. This is of course where our Charoite palm stones were mined.  We only carry authentic gems. 

The minute you hold a piece of Charoite, you will understand why it's so popular.  It is a soothing, calming, relaxing gem that eases stress.  It is a gem of transformation, one that can help during times of great change. It cleanses the aura and chakras by transmuting negative energy into healing.  It opens our hearts and stimulates unconditional love.

This is a limited offering.  Your palm stone will come in a gift bag.  Each measure approximately 2".  

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