Lepidolite Gem Slice, Set of 3

Lepidolite Gem Slice, Set of 3
Lepidolite is not technically a gemstone, but a very beautiful purplish type of  hard mica. It is referred to by healers as the Peace Stone.  It encourages independence for setting and attaining goals.  It is protection from outside influences, relieves every day stress, and promotes restful sleep when placed near your pillow. 
Lepidolite attracts good luck, good friends, and drives away negativity.  When used with Rose Quartz, it becomes a stone of reconciliation between lovers and friends.  It is also a gem that we often recommend for people who have recently suffered a great loss or have went through something traumatic.  If your heart is heavy with worry and stress, Lepidolite can help.

These thin slices of Lepidolite are fragile, and we recommend you carry in a protective pouch, or leave on your altar.  Because it is a soft mica, we do not recommend cleansing with water.  Smudging with sage or incense is a better choice.

We will select a set of 3 pieces for you.  The sizing really varies with this form of Lepidolite.  Some pieces are over an inch, some are about half an inch.  All are beautiful and vetted for quality, shop with confidence. 

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