Hold a gemstone pyramid in your hands, make a wish.  It is said that the pyramid will absorb your good intentions and send them out through the apex towards the sky.  Since ancient times, pyramids have been thought to amplify intentions and energy.  Our pyramids are cleansed with sage regularly in our stock room, along with our other crystals and gems.  Pyramids are wonderful pieces to have in a gemstone collection, and also make great gifts. 
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Bloodstone Pyramid

Bloodstone is the go-to stone for healing of any kind. It heals muscle aches and injuries, increases..


Chakra Pyramid Set

Our Set of chakra Pyramids is the perfect gift for anyone in search of health improvement. Each pyra..


Infinity Stone Pyramid

A variety of green serpentine (mixture of Serpentine and Chrysotile), the Infinity Stone is said to ..


Mookaite Pyramid

As a pyramid shape, this Mookaite gemstone projects energies into our immediate environment and look..


Multi-Stone Pyramid ~ For Amplifying Your Intentions

These beautiful multi-stone layered pyramids each have their own unique personality and energy. ..


Nine-Pyramid Feng Shui Energy Plate

The Nine-Pyramid Feng Shui Plate is hand made and the size and placement of pyramids might have slig..


Nine-Pyramid Feng Shui Energy Plate - Golden Quartz

The Nine-Pyramid Feng Shui Plate is hand made and the size and placement of pyramids might have slig..


Orgone Chakra Pyramid

The seven colors of the chakras have been fused together to harness the attributes and energies of e..


Orgonite Chakra Pyramid ~ For Positive Energy

Attain positive energy with this gorgeous Reiki Orgone Pyramid.  This pyramid is made using pre..


Pyrite Pyramid

This beautiful Pyrite Pyramid measures 25mm and is a sweet little piece you'll love adding to your g..


Reiki Symbol Chakra Pyramid Set

These beautiful 30mm gemstone pyramids correspond to the 7 chakra energy centers of the body.  ..


Tiger Eye Pyramid

This 30mm Gemstone Pyramid will add a nice touch to your crystal grids and displays. Tiger Eye (Gold..


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