Strawberry Calcite Worry Stone

Strawberry Calcite Worry Stone

Strawberry Calcite is a crystal of warmth, happiness, and pursuit of dreams and goals. This mineral is radiant with positive energy and helps you connect to youthful, exuberant energies as well as happy, childhood memories. Strawberry Calcite is a crystal that helps you focus on your goals and desires, and want something better for yourself in all areas of your life. Working with this stone reveals desires & passions you harbour and how to obtain them. It is an active stone for memory and making positive decisions for your destiny.

These beautiful hand polished worry stones have unique patterns throughout, and have sections that are almost translucent, allowing light to shine through. They are all uniquely shaped and polished, so please allow for slight "flaws" that make each one unique. Some have slight rough spots along the edge, but that is totally normal for this mineral.

Each worry stone measures approximately 5 cm x 3.5 cm

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