Quartz Crystal Palm Stone

Quartz Crystal Palm Stone

Highly polished semi-precious stones that are smooth to the touch. Earth stones are easy to carry in pockets and bags and a great way to appreciate the natural beauty of gemstones. 

Pure Quartz, traditionally called Rock Crystal or Clear Quartz, is translucent or opaque. These highly polished palm stones are mostly clear with some inclusions and natural "flaws".  No two are quite the same.

Known as the master stone, Quartz was once thought to be solidified light and is used by many to remove negativity and promote harmony and co-operation within an environment. It is also used in cleansing and energizing other crystals and minerals. Excellent for meditation and accessing higher self and guides.

50 mm (almost 2"). Sold in singles.

NOTE: These are THICK cut pieces of high quality Quartz crystal. Please note that these pieces are all unique, and have natural "flaws". Some have natural cracks, inclusions, and naturally occurring chips. They are specimen pieces and are all beautiful. They are a bit pricier than our other palm stones, because they are essentially as thick as TWO of the other types. These measure approximately 8 - 10 mm thick.

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