Pyrite Worry Stone

Pyrite Worry Stone

If you are stressed and worry-prone simply rub a worry stone. These beautifully polished worry stones are made from Pyrite.

Pyrite shields from negative energies and assist one in seeing behind facades. It helps to overcome fatigue and increase stamina.  It's a prosperity stone.

Sold in singles.

Note: As per a customer's suggestion and review, we wanted to update the description to say that Pyrite is a hard stone to bring to a completely smooth shine. If you've ever seen raw Pyrite, or "Fool's Gold", you'll understand why this is. It is a rough, jagged crystalline formation that resembles gold. As such, these worry stones will have cracks and striations throughout the stone. Please expect this. If you're wanting a completely smooth worry stone, we do carry many other stone types.  Thanks for your understanding. 

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