Nuumite Palm Stone

Nuumite Palm Stone

Nuumite the oldest living mineral, was formed over three billion years ago.  Nuumite is found in an area slightly north of Nuuk, Greenland - accessible only by boat.  The area where Nuumite occurs is in the so-called 'Isuakasia' iron ore region, the origin of which dates back almost four billion years.

This mineral can be used to open, activate and integrate the chakras. It provides for grounding via the chakras to both the earth and etheric bodies. It is useful in removing energy blockages. It can draw energy from the etheric body to restore energy to the physical. It can be used to fill voids or clear muddy areas in the auric fields.

It provides for a circular energy connecting the crown & the base chakras; it further provides for a spiral of energy which provides for the continuity between the chakras of this plane and the purity of the ethereal body.

This mineral possesses a defending quality and is an excellent preventative which will shield one from many forms of negative energy. Simply having a piece of nuumite on ones person brings in this protective, shielding aspect of the stone which works on the physical, etheric & emotional levels.

These amazing Nuumite smooth palm stones are wonderful to hold and rub when stressed.  They are great for healing work as they are flat and are easily placed on the body without rolling off as some tumbled stones do.  They make excellent gifts and are a wonderful pick-me-up.  Approx. 60 mm.  Each unique.  Thank you for trusting us to select a beautiful piece just for you.

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