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Moldavite Magic

UPDATE: More Moldavite is en-route to us and should arrive by mid-May. Please watch for updates on our social media pages and sign up for our newsletter to be updated as soon as it's in stock. Thanks for your patience.

RESELLERS: We cannot offer Moldavite at a discount for your own shops. There is simply not enough Moldavite to go around right now to be able to offer this. What we have, we have to sell at full retail cost. Thank you for your understanding.

As you may already know, Moldavite has taken the world by storm, and is becoming harder and harder to find. The Moldavite we offer has been certified as being genuine by our suppliers who've been in the rock and fossil business for decades. We only sell genuine Moldavite. It's not often we are given the opportunity to offer Moldavite to our customers, as it's not easy to come by anymore. We will be posting up what we have available as it comes to us in small shipments.

Moldavite is thought to have formed about 15 million years ago in the impact event that produced the Ries and Steinheim craters in southeastern Germany. An incoming asteroid is thought to have broken into two pieces that produced this pair of craters. The impacting bodies approached from the southwest. They hit with a high enough velocity to melt and splatter the target rock across a strewn field that includes portions of what is now the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany.

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Moldavite - Robert Simmons

Moldavite is a gemstone that fell to Earth. In this book the authors explore Moldavite in its scient..

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