Gemstone Roller Bottle: Red Jasper

Gemstone Roller Bottle: Red Jasper

This glass roller bottle is filled with genuine Red Jasper chip stones, and has a Red Jasper roller ball.  This bottle comes dry, without any oil or perfume inside, ready for your own gemstone-infused creations.  Some people simply fill the bottles with spring water or carrier oil and a few drops of their favorite essential oils.  Some prefer a scent-less gemstone water elixir, for the healing benefits of the gemstone alone.  You could also fill these roller bottles with ocean, river or lake water, then add your own fragrance oils.  Whatever you decide to fill the bottle with, the gemstones will enhance the magick within.

Red Jasper is a stone of strength & endurance. It is sometimes called the nurturing stone for its nurturing and protective energies.  Grounding and Earth centering.  Red jasper heals, soothes, eases worries, banishes anxiety. Native Americans consider it a gem of the direction of south, the fire element, and a warrior stone

These bottles are 10ml and feature a silver screw top lid.  

Transparent glass bottle size: approx 85mm×20mm×20mm

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