Sodalite Gem Slice

Sodalite Gem Slice

These gem slices are useful for so many purposes.  We personally use them as base plates to display and charge other crystals and stones.  They can be displayed standing up (with a display stand, or leaning up against a surface) to make a lovely backdrop for your spheres and specimen pieces.   They can be placed beneath a candle for a beautiful look, while also charging your candle with healing energy.  Some people even use these as coffee table coasters!

Sodalite is blue with white streaks, since antiquity the stone sodalite has been known as the stone of artists because it is believed to be able to promote inspiration and creativity while also providing protection. Enhances communication and expression. Cuts through density and illusion bringing clarity and truth. Calms and clears the mind allowing it to become logical and rational.  Children are drawn to Sodalite, as it offers such a gentle healing energy.  It helps with nightmares and insomnia, so keeping a piece by your bedside is a good idea.

These gem slices are polished to a nice shine and the edges are rounded and smooth.  Every piece is unique and very beautiful.  They were sourced from a mine in India, and we are one of the only shops to carry these beauties.  They measure approximately 5" across.  Thank you for trusting us to select a beautiful piece just for you.

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