Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull

Lemurian Quartz Crystal Skull

This beautiful hand carved and polished Lemurian Quartz crystal skull would make a lovely addition to your gemstone and crystal collections. No two are ever quite the same, but look generally like the photo. Each skull measures approximately 15 mm x 15 mm.

Symbolically, skulls represent our humanity, our ancestors beyond the veil, and the connection we have to all other humans and living beings. The skull is a symbol of our mortality, reminding us that life is precious and each day a gift.

Lemurian Quartz crystal is a type of crystal that is reputed to help you to retrieve information about the ancient civilization of Lemuria. So why do lightworkers find these crystals so fascinating? Lightworkers have received a lot of information, while using Lemurian crystals. What has been discovered by those using them, is that these crystals were left for us to use by a very advanced civilization. When you are using these stones and you make a connection with them, you feel like you are being transported back to an ancient time.

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