Jet Skull ~ For Self-Reflection

Jet Skull ~ For Self-Reflection

Jet is the "Witch's Crystal". Often used as a seer crystal, or scrying tool, it is said that you can look into a Jet stone and truly see your self in the reflection - the good, the bad and the ugly. Jet reveals the true inner self. It is also a valuable protection tool, and highly sought after. It is becoming a very hard to obtain crystal.

Please do not be alarmed by the lightness of the crystal when held, that is one of the mysteries and beauty of Jet - light as a feather!

Crystal skulls represent humanity, ourselves, our ancestors and all those who came before us. Skulls remind us of our mortality and to live life to the fullest. Skulls are a beautiful symbol of the cycle of life and what we all have in common as human beings.

Each skull measures approximately 35 - 40 mm. Sold in singles. Each unique.

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